Our story

Nordic breath of simplicity and pure style


Haiku Minimal is a unisex fashion brand from Estonia with passion for minimalism and simplicity.

Behind the brand name there is a small Estonian family who strongly believes that things should be simple, especially today, when over-production and over-consumption are driving the world to the dead-end.

Living a simple life in a countryside, being surrounded by forests, lakes and fields, we are inspired by nature itself. Using natural materials and little but thought-through details, we try to give further a message that less is more.

For our products we choose mostly local materials (believing again that by supporting local businesses we minimize our personal ecological footprint).

As we love poetry and especially the Japanese form of it - haiku, we used it in our brand name to be always reminded about the minimalist way of passing on the personal philosophy of life.

"We love details, they tell the story!"
Taivo and Natalie