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We often get questions about the durability and quality of our sandals, so we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions:

Q:Does the cord wear out?
A:No, it doesn't. The cord is made of paracord which is an extra strong material and while walking it doesn't touch the ground as the sandals take the shape of the foot.

Q:Does the heel tread down?
A: Unless you walk really long on the concrete surface - depends of the shape of the foot. Our sandals are not made for hiking rather for everyday casual use.

Q:Does the color change?
A: As our sandals are handcrafted from natural suede leather then some characteristic differences may occur. They are made of dyed leather so some excess dye may release and the color may slightly fade during the initial use.

The best way to take care of your sandals is to clean suede leather surface with special sponge or brush. Rub down stains with stain eraser block and treat with suede-specific leather cleaner. Let dry and brush in the direction of the leather grain. Do not wash Haiku Minimal sandals in the washing machine.

Q:Does the cord rub the big toe?
A: The material used for the cord is not rubber but paracord which is much softer for the foot. In two years of selling our sandals we received no complaints on this topic.

Q: Does the cord keep the foot stable?
A: Everyone is surprised as soon as they put the sandals on about how comfortable and stable they are on the feet. The MOST IMPORTANT here is to tie up the cord properly according to your feet. The cord shouldn't be tied too strongly or too softly. In case you get in trouble with tying the cord, check our video tutorials HERE.

In case you didn't find the answer to your question, please fill in the form below and we will gladly answer any question!