Brown flat gladiator leather sandals

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Haiku Minimal sandals are light as air and smooth as skin. Designed and crafted in Estonia with love and passion, they carry the Nordic touch of simplicity and minimalism.

Haiku Minimal sandals are extremely comfortable to wear even though they may leave a different impression. Tested for two summers in a row, being worn anywhere (city, forest, beach) and in any weather (dry, rainy) sandals have shown the great stamina.

Materials used:
- rubber soles,
- metal buttons,
- special extra-strong paracords,
- soft suede leather surface.

Raw fabric bags, covered with handmade silk prints of 10 new commandments in modern interpretation, composed by an acknowledged performance artist Anonymous Boh.

Care instructions:
Please read our recommendations on how to care for your Haikus HERE.

Use/wear instructions:
Long cord binding methods are shown in details HERE.

Please print out from the SIZE CHART the size you are interested in OR measure your sole length as there may be a difference in your actual foot size and the Haiku Minimal sandals' size.

Walk, run, jump in your new Haikus and enjoy the lightness on your feet!